Our Services

Our Services

Reiki & Beyond

30 minutes $50 | 1 hour $100

Do you feel disconnected and sluggish?

Do you want to feel restored and aligned?

A Reiki & Beyond session will help you to feel aligned and balanced by rejuvenating and activating your chakras whilst giving your mind, body and soul an energetic boost.

The “Beyond” part in this session are the healing sounds Tina will play to help the reiki session to intensify the energetic healing process. Available in person and distantly.

Mumma & Bubba Reiki

1 hour session $100

Do you want to bring the healing of reiki energy to you and your little one as well?

This is for Mumma’s who are pregnant, have babies and any age children that want to feel rebalanced, and rejuvenated as a unit in the comfort of their own home. Tina will intention a Vibrational healing sound program and reiki energy to the nominated individuals to receive this reiki healing. You and your baby/children do not need to be asleep, lying down or not doing anything whilst Tina works distantly as it will work no matter what.

Distant Session Only.

Vibrational Sound Healing Session

1.5 hour session $335 with take home vibrational sounds to continue the healing at home

Do you feel like your body is not working to its full capacity?

Are you feeling disconnected or ungrounded?

Do you want to feel less tired and more motivated?

Are you feeling like you are carrying a backpack full of bricks that you’re ready to let go of?

This session works to align your body, meridians and auric fields using vibrational healing sounds so that you feel lighter, clearer mind and energised.

The Vibrational sounds work with cellular memory, removing blockages and trauma by using frequencies, words and sound to instruct the body to restore itself to its optimal health and wellbeing.

Available in person and distantly.

Lotus Birth

Cost: $95

Are you a birth worker, midwife, doula or mother to be that is wanting to know more about Lotus Birth?

The Lotus Birth practice is leaving the umbilical cord and placenta attached to baby until it naturally disconnects when it is right and proper for the baby and placenta.

This way it allows them to finalise their journey together in their own time and allowing the energetics of both baby and placenta to be completed without any sudden disturbances.

Tina’s Lotus Birth service offers you a 15 minute chat to answer any and all questions about this practice that she is so passionate about.

What will you receive?

  • – 15 minute chat
  • – Tina’s ebook “A Lotus Birth” (valued at $17)
  • – Lotus birth kit which includes placenta bag, herbs and towels (valued at $99)

Available in person or via correspondence/distant