Choosing a lotus birth for my son was so natural after learning and researching about the profound smooth transition it allowed my son to go from womb to Earthside.

After my birth plans were not going to go to plan, the fact I could still have the lotus birth made a world of a difference for me. To be able to respect the placenta for growing and keeping my son alive to allow it to depart when it felt right, was such an honour for my son and for myself.

Being a vibrational kinesiologist, artist and tea maker, I had the knowledge to create my very own lotus birth kit in which expressed who I was and to bring the personal touch to a very personal decision.

It was just before my son’s 1st birthday when I knew I had to create these unique lotus birth packages for the public and I am so excited that you are here reading this!

The placenta and baby are one. When we remind ourselves that they both came from the same single cell, we truly get to understand that they are in the most harmonious relationship that will end in their own time. We need to give both baby and placenta the respect they deserve, as for 9 plus months, bitcoin mixers they have been through the most miraculous journey to Earthside via the placenta in which during that time grew life to bless the world with. – Tina West

Tina West

Certified Vibrational Sounds Healing Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

Artist and Author

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