About Tina West

A Bit About Me

Tina began her holistic journey at the very young age of 20. After a very traumatic childhood and harsh adolescence, Tina knew that life could take her two ways and she chose the route of self discovery and healing. Choosing this path has shown her that growth is a never ending journey, and even though the journey is not always a bowl of cherries, the amazing benefits of working on yourself to achieve little and big goals is both motivating and life changing and this is what guided her to helping others heal from their trauma’s to live a best possible life.

Tina West started her holistic studies back in 2011 and since then has been offering her modalities to clients worldwide. Studying under Sheila Kennedy (www.sheila-kennedy.com), she has been certified as a Vibrational Sound Healing practitioner and Reiki Master. Tina works with cellular memory to align the body’s energetic fields and to release unwanted trauma from the cellular memory.


Creating is another of her passions, and Tina has been selling her artworks for over 5 years specialising in creating artworks using real nature. Tina will be offering art workshops for those who want to learn how to use intuition and energy when creating their very own piece of art.


As an advocate for Lotus Birth, which is leaving the placenta and cord attached to the baby to naturally detach in its own time, is one of Tina’s passions. She has written an ebook called, “A Lotus Birth” which goes into the depth of the benefits of the Lotus Birth practice.

Besides work, Tina trains in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the last 10 years, and has competed on world stages and assisted in Life Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu camps in the U.S.A where she also worked with athletes to optimise their athletic abilities using holistic modalities such as Vibrational Sound Healing. Tina continues to work with athletes via The Athletes Sports Bag which she is the co-founder alongside her teacher Sheila Kennedy.

As a mother, wife and everything else, Tina is a very multifaceted being that loves sharing her passions and assisting others to become happy and healthy.


* Tina lives in regional Victoria and will be seeing clients at our clinic every last weekend of every month alongside a workshop or/and mother blessings. Most of her services are available via correspondence.


If you are after a mother blessings on another weekend, Tina will do her best to work with you on a date that fits.