Mother Blessings

Mother Blessings

Mothering the mother is so important and as a mother of 2, Tina understands how vital it is to honour each and every mother during such a precious time in their lives.

With the use of art, vibrational sounds, intention and meditation, Tina’s mother blessings are for those wanting to honour the chosen mother during the blessing.

So how does a blessing ceremony look like with Tina?

•A welcoming circle and intention for the blessing

•Creating a 50cm x 60cm Mother Is Nature artwork each

•Yummy food to keep mother energised and her circle too

•Meditation and sound healing to really connect to the mind, body and soul.

•Create a “Love jar” for the mumma with written loving and motivational words for the mother to pull out whenever she desires.

Total time of a mothers blessing with Tina is 4 hours (times are flexible, please contact Tina if needing to modify the starting time).

Cost per person $275 with the mother being FREE.

The price includes all materials.

Each attendee will go home with:
An artwork and bonus goodies valued at $50.
The Mother will be going home with an artwork and goodies valued at $250.

Maximum 12 people